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System Integrations, Servers, Networking & LAN, WAN, & Wi-Fi Support

Resolve your technical issues with system integrations, with on going support from 360 Degrees IT. What we do best: enhance your software and hardware to meet your business’s unique needs.


System Integrations

Let 360 Degrees IT integrate your information technology software to function in perfect harmony. Every client’s needs are different. We focus on network security first and foremost, because the safety of your information and resources is the primary concern facing most businesses.

Once we are certain that your system is secure, we check to see if your server needs updating. Additionally, we integrate Echo studies and Echo study transports. The time frame for each client varies according to the scope of their operations, the demands placed on their servers and network, and the unique issues the client deals with in their business.

LAN, WAN, and Wireless Communication Server Rooms

Setting up equipment such as Dell or Apple servers for clients is our specialty. From setting the equipment up to building a database for servers, we do it all. The time we spend providing computer support for each client depends entirely on their needs and the duration of service they require of us.


Let us set up your wireless communications network, so you know it runs flawlessly. We can set necessary security systems for companies. Once we set up the wireless network, we are there for your team with support if you ever have problems, if your system goes down, or if you need to expand the service you already have. We can set up desktop workstations and laptops to work on the wireless network for a mess-free, high-speed system you can rely on.

Mobile Applications

Android IOS